We're all about Doodle puppies in Pembroke, NY!

Highly intelligent, easy to train and great with children.  They are friendly, loving, affectionate dogs that do best when they are with their family.  With an eagerness to please as well as a very playful nature, they are loyal companions with easy dispositions.

Goldendoodles Are...

            The                   Goldendoodle

  is a hybrid cross          between a

Golden Retriever

    and a Poodle.

Goldendoodles are great family pets for those who suffer from allergies, as they are low-to-no shedding.


come in three coat types; Shaggy, Curly and Smooth. 

  Changes in their coat

  will continue to occur       throughout

the first year.

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Our email address:  CopperRidgeDoodles@gmail.com

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<a href="http://www.puppyfinder.com/puppies-for-sale">Puppies for Sale on PuppyFinder.com</a> - A premier online destination for finding puppies for sale of AKC recognized, rare and mixed breeds. Offers a comprehensive online directory of dog breeders, stud service providers, dog related products and services, dog friendly hotels and airlines, and many useful tools and resources for finding and raising a puppy.

We proudly support & encourage Sites like PuppyFinder.com as a way to help encourage proper placement of our puppies into excellent, suitable homes thru advertising each available litter.  This is just one way we feel we can let others know about us, our wonderful puppies & what it is we're all about.  The same careful screening practices are set in place for each & every individual who contacts us for a puppy thru one of our ads.

Puppies for Sale on PuppyFinder.com - A premier online destination for finding puppies for sale of AKC recognized, rare and mixed breeds. Offers a comprehensive online directory of dog breeders, stud service providers, dog related products and services, dog friendly hotels and airlines, and many useful tools and resources for finding and raising a puppy.

What do our adoptive families have to say about us?

When my husband and I decided we wanted to bring another puppy into the family, we searched and my husband found Gina who was a Goldendoodle breeder. She was local and the information she shared on her website made us feel very comfortable in choosing her for the breeder. Once we talked with her, and sent our deposit, Gina sent us regular updates on how Hazel's pregnancy was progressing. The morning the puppies were born, Gina emailed right away. Once our puppy was born we received so many photos of him along with progress updates on his health as well as personal stories about his personality. We fell in love with him before the first time we met him just because Gina kept us so involved in the process.

Gina was responsive to any and all questions. She gave detailed answers to anything that we asked (and we had a lot of questions!). She made us a part of our puppy's life from the moment he took his first breath. I loved that I didn't feel like we missed out on any of his life before we brought him home.

He is now a happy, healthy almost seven month old (October 2016) who brings so much joy to our home.  We love him and are so grateful to Gina.

Tim & Robbie Hess ~ Albion, NY



...They are very professional from first contact, submitting your application, and providing detailed updates throughout the entirety of the adoption process.  They truly care about their puppies and matching them with the right families!

 We came in late in the adoption process and to make it even more challenging, we are in Boston. However, Gina was very accommodating and agreed to keep our pup a few weeks after family adoption day until we could make the trip to pick her up. She was even nice enough to drive a few hours to meet us with Parker to alleviate our long drive from Boston. Parker, our puppy, is a very healthy, happy, beautiful and intelligent Goldendoodle!  We are very proud to refer Copper Ridge Doodles to our friends.


Matt & Amanda  ~  Boston, MA


 " Our experience with Copper Ridge Doodles has been exceptional..."

"...I think the loving environment in which he spent his first two months of life had a lot to do with how amazing he is as our family pet. "

" Our puppy experience could NOT have been better...Gina was amazing to work with..."

She was so personable yet professional and she still checks in to see how Hugo is doing.  It's so comforting to know she truly cares for these puppies.

Hugo is currently 19 weeks old and gets more handsome and clever each day.  He is so loving and quick to give a big hug or cuddle to his favorite people.  He's the perfect combination of playful and calm.  We're working with a trainer here in NYC and she's often delighted and surprised with how quickly he picks up a command.  He's brought such joy to not only our home, but our entire neighborhood.  We simply can't imagine life without him.


Andy & Liz ~ NYC

Standard Size Doodles are our Specialty!

Our doodle puppies generally grow between 45-60 lbs at maturity.  

" The process was easy for us...It's clear that Gina spends a lot of time prepping & staying on top of every aspect of things. "

When we decided it was time for our family to get a new member, we researched & thought that a goldendoodle would be the best choice.  After talking with Gina, we were sure that a goldendoodle was the best choice.

 Gina worked with us to find the perfect match for our family and she suggested "Halo" right off the bat, and she could not have been more right!  She is always available for questions and loves updates, which is a true indication of her love and dedication to the puppies and their adopted families.

 We would highly recommend Copper Ridge Doodles, and in fact we did, and Halo's sister lives right around the corner.   



From our very first contact with Gina we had very positive vibes. It was clear to us that she truly cared about her puppies and wanted to ensure that they were given to homes where they would be safe and loved. It was obvious that these puppies were her family too, and she was very thorough and took lots of time to talk to us. She kept updating us throughout the pregnancy and even after Rosie was born she sent pictures weekly and updated us on all the new shenanigans her and her brother were getting up to.

She gave great recommendations on early food choices and advice for us as first time Goldendoodle owners.

We couldn't be happier with how everything went, and now our little puppy is 6 months old and just as cute as she was the day we met her.

Thank you Gina and family for everything!

 Dan & Michele ~ Rochester, NY



"...Our beautiful puppy was so happy when we first visited and everything about their home spoke to the care with which these dogs were given..."


The O'Hare Family ~ Delmar, NY

"...We consider ourselves beyond fortunate in having found Gina and her wonderful Hazel..."

Thirteen years ago, my family had an ill-fated attempt to own a dog.  It did not go well, but we never gave up the idea of bringing a dog into the family.  When we finally decided that the time was right for us to try again, we spent hours researching the right breed, and then the right breeder.

When we entered the waiting list, we had no preference for coloring, coat or sex.  Instead, we told Gina of our short dog experience in the past & let her know that we really just wanted to find a dog that fit our active family. 

Through phone calls, puppy visits, text, & photo messages, Gina got to know us as a family as we came to know her & her dogs & the puppies available.  Her experience with her puppies helped her really understand their personalities & she guided us throughout our puppy selection process to make certain we found a good fit.  Gina's hands-on approach, her deep love of her dogs & puppies, & her ability to really listen to us & assess our needs allowed her to match us with pretty much the best puppy in the world.

When we brought Scout home, it was incredibly reassuring to know that Gina was just a text or call away & was always available to answer questions and continue assisting us in making our best choices. 

We will forever be grateful to Gina for bringing Scout into our lives& know that when we get another dog, we will be heading back to Copper Ridge Doodles!



 The Oehler-Marx Family ~ New Paltz, NY

"...it was Gina's caring follow through after the initial contact that really convinced me she would be great to work with..."

I (we) wanted a new dog.  We "found" Gina first (and subsequently her wonderful family).  Her website snagged us.  Hazel worked her charm--a great mother dog who has provided much love and great care.  Ollie was tres  intriguing. 

But it was Gina's caring follow through after the initial contact that really convinced me she would be great to work with and we are so grateful we 'found' her to lead us into the world of her doodles and all it's stages. 

This has been really a wondrous experience, that really prepared us!  We brought Hugh home in June and he's become an integral part of our life.  We knew he'd get us up and running! 

What a great dog!  What a great breeder!



Penny & Ric ~ Willseyville, NY


*We Currently Have just one puppy still available from our litter of Double-Doodles...

Havarti ~ Female 

**We Are Also Looking for Loving Guardian Families for Future Litters!



~ Thank you ~