We are a very small, in home, family breeder of Goldendoodles located in Corfu, New York.  Our goal is to breed quality doodles that are healthy, happy and well socialized.  We will help each family select the right puppy for their lifestyle while keeping the individual needs of each puppy in mind as well.

Our puppies are whelped and raised right inside our home, meaning they are gently handled by us and our children right from the start.  We feel this early interaction helps encourage young puppies to be well-adjusted, confident, life long companions.

Our puppies are kept with their mother from birth to 8 weeks to learn basic puppy manners, how to establish social relationships with litter mates and what behaviors are acceptable. This early, on going learning experience plays an important role in helping each puppy realize its full potential as a dog and companion.  Once they reach the age of 8 weeks they are ready to be introduced to their new "forever" family. 

About Us...

Above all else, our dogs are family members first & foremost. We are not a kennel, nor are we a large commercial breeder.

Our dogs live inside our home with us, watch TV on the sofa with us & even sleep in our beds with us.

We truly adore our furry babies & love having them at our feet constantly and spending as much time as possible with them whenever we can.

About Our Adoption Process . . .

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

First, Complete & Submit a Puppy Application.

After receiving your completed application, we will review it & contact you to discuss the information provided.

Once approved, you may send in your $300 Deposit to reserve a puppy from the current litter.  

This deposit will be applied to the total cost of your puppy.

This deposit is Non-Refundable, unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy (see below).

Upon receipt of your deposit your name will be added to our RESERVED list (names are added in the order which deposits are received).  

Your name will appear under "Reserved Puppies"  on our website and the number beside your name will indicate your position on the list for selection purposes.

Updated puppy pictures will be added to our website weekly or sent via text to those in line for a puppy from that litter, to help each family begin the selection process prior to making their decision of which puppy they will want.

Puppy selections will be done by appointment only & scheduled when the puppies reach the age of 5-6 weeks.  Once a puppy has been selected, we consider that puppy SOLD and remaining balance will be due at that time.  At 8 weeks the puppies will be ready to go to their new homes!

  Puppy Application

 Application Approval

    Waiting  List

  Puppy Selection

Interested in filling out  

a Puppy Application?

How are puppy selections determined?

Puppy selections are determined by a combination of different factors and we like to approach it as an equal partnership where we work together with each family to help find the right match, rather than allowing someone to simply choose their puppy because he's the cutest, or the silliest or the one who may have come up and licked your face and you instantly fell in love with his sweet puppy breath.  This is not the way any responsible, knowledgeable breeder should go about allowing their puppies to be selected, and guidance is something that ensures we are doing our due diligence to place our beloved puppies into the very best possible homes that we can, for their lifetime.

Your position on our list, the level of experience you may have with raising a puppy, the preferences you have indicated on your puppy application, and our experience with knowing each of the puppies personalities and temperaments, all factor in to the way our puppies are selected, and helps reduce the risk factor where a puppy may end up needing to be returned or re-homed because it wasn't the right fit from the start.  

For those who may not have any prior experience raising & owning a puppy, we will need to work more closely with these individuals to ensure they get matched with the right puppy.  Whereas an individual who has owned dogs in the past may not need as much guidance from us.

While your position on our waiting list does indicate the order you will be able to select your puppy, this is just one part of how we place puppies, and we still need to carefully consider things like activity level, lifestyle, gender preference, or any special allergy concerns- which may dictate a certain coat type or shed level needed for the puppies from that specific litter.

If you do not specify a specific gender, coat type, color, etc. on your application or when we have our initial phone interview with you, we will assume you are open to any and have no real preference for these options. This also helps us to guide each of our applicants to which puppies they will have to choose from when it is their turn to make their selection for a puppy.  This means if you have indicated 'no preference' for a certain gender and plan to choose your puppy based on meeting them first, and we only have 3 or 4 females in the litter, the families who have specified wanting a female will be considered first for those females before someone who has no preference. This allows us to be as fair as possible to those who absolutely know which gender they may want, regardless of their position on our waiting list.  The same is true for coat color and coat type.  If someone has a specific preference, we will try to accommodate for those preferences as best we can, but within reason and with the understanding that there may be someone ahead of you who also has those same preferences as well.  We try to work with everyone and offer as many options as possible, and the families who are ahead on the list will obviously have more options to choose from, and will also be able to make their final selections before someone behind them on the list.  

We do encourage all of our families to try to choose their puppy based on personality first, over a specific "look", as this is the best way to ensure a good fit and one that will have the best possible outcome.  Colors and coat preferences may rank high on the wish list for some,  but compatibility is what will make the best long term companion for the puppy you end up choosing and the effort put into training paired with consistency,  will also ensure the most success with your new puppy, and is why we highly recommend enrolling your puppy in obedience classes early on.   

And while we would love to accommodate everyone with every wish list item they may have, this is not always possible, and it may be a tall order to expect that every one of your preferences will be met by just one little puppy. This is the reason we will ask each family to indicate their top priorities, and try our very best to help you find the puppy that matches your top ranking preferences, or as many as we possibly can.  If your name appears at the top of a waiting list, there will be more options for you than if you are at the tail end, but we will still try to accommodate your top preference as best we can.

Once the puppies are born, we will ask everyone on the current waiting list to let us know which puppies may be their favorites, based on the pictures and videos we take as they grow.  This will help us determine which puppies you may want to see first, when you come for your first visit with us.  When you arrive, we will start with those puppies first, and work with you to narrow it down to the puppy who best matches your preferences and lifestyle.  Everyone will be given a one hour time slot, and if you are unable to make your final decision during this visit, we will allow you to take all the time you need, but will need to allow the next family in line to make their final selection, and you can jump back in whenever you are ready to do so.

Not every family will be able to schedule their appointment in the same order they appear on our waiting list, and a family behind you may be scheduled ahead of you- but order of appointment does not affect the order you will be able to make your final puppy selection, and we will simply ask you to select your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice and contact you as soon as it IS your turn, and let you know which of your 3 choices are still available.  If your 1st choice is no longer available and was chosen by a family ahead of you on our waiting list, we will move to your 2nd and 3rd choice.  But, as we get further down the waiting list, there will be fewer puppies to choose from, so you will have the option to choose from the remaining puppies available, be moved to the next available waiting list for a future litter, or receive your puppy deposit back at that time.

Puppy deposits are NON-Refundable, unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy who matches at least one of your top preferences.  This means if we are able to provide you with a puppy who does match at least one of your preferences, and you simply change your mind midway through the process, a refund will not be offered, as we have more than likely turned applicants away by allowing you to be considered for one of our puppies.

We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy at any point during the adoption process if we feel we are unable to meet the buyers needs.  If the sale is terminated by us as the breeder, a full refund of the deposit will be returned.

We certainly hope everyone understands our level of commitment to the puppies we raise and care for, and that it is our responsibility to ensure that each of them get placed into the very best homes we can possibly find for them.  It is also incredibly important to us that we build good relationships with all of our adoptive families and that we are able to continue to watch our puppies grow and receive updates throughout their lives.  We are here to help you every step of the way, and are also available to you for the lifetime of your puppy, with anything you may need.  All of these things are what will help form the foundation for the most successful puppy experience possible!