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 " Porkchop "

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´╗┐´╗┐Teal Collar ~ PATINA

Pink Collar ~  PENELOPE

Green Collar ~  PICKLES

Red Collar  ~  PIERRE

Myrtle & Finley's Winter 2020 Litter 

 Congratulations to Kimberly & Tim!

Congratulations to Michael & Rachael!

 Congratulations to Colby & Brendan!


Congratulations to the Oehler-Marx Family!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of

Myrtle & Finley's

brand new litter of F2 Double Doodle Puppies Just born

January, 30th 2020...

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Tan Collar ~ PORKCHOP

 Below is a past Litter of Double Doodle Apricot/Caramel puppies from Myrtle & Finley...


 At 4 weeks






  Jagger is one of our biggest boys of this litter who also has the lightest and softest coat.  He is gentle, kind, confident and affectionate, but also very playful and social.  This fun-loving boy will do well in any family, especially one with children.  

 At 4 Weeks

 Josie has the warmest coat in this litter that can be described as dark apricot with a smooth texture.  Josie is sweet, confident, playful, social, affectionate and quite a content little girl.  She has caught on quickly with her potty training so far and is a delightful puppy in every way.  Josie will do well in any family and is a puppy who will want to please her humans. 

  At 4 Weeks

 Our only curly coated puppy of this litter is Sweet Jack.  His large, dark eyes and buff colored coat give him a look that is quite stunning!  It's no surprise that Jack was the first to start crawling out of his puppy crib, as he has been the first to explore most of the new things we have introduced them to.  He's a fearless, confident, content little puppy who is also loving and affectionate.  Jack will be a great addition to any family and is a puppy who will thrive on new adventures! 

 At 4 Weeks

 Judd is another one of our larger boys of this litter.  His coat is warm apricot in color and smoother in texture.  Judd is a social boy who definitely loves to be held and cuddled by his humans but is also not afraid to stand up for himself when it comes to being challenged by his siblings.  Judd can best be described as a puppy who does everything at full-throttle; He plays hard, eats heartily, and once he's out, he can sleep thru anything!  He's a very smart puppy who will catch on quickly to any training he receives and may do best with a family that has older children, being that he is an energetic boy who tends to play a bit rough and small children may not respond well to this type of play.  

 At 4 weeks

  Our Jasper is an absolute lovebug who truly enjoys as much cuddle time with his humans as possible. He is polite and considerate of his siblings and one of the sweetest and most affectionate boys of this litter.  Jasper will do best with a family who can give him lots of individual attention.  He is playful, social and smart and has a warm caramel-apricot colored coat that is smooth in texture.  

 At 4 Weeks 

 Jade has a medium-dark apricot coat with a slight wave pattern to it.  She has a very sweet, demure personality and is sometimes a little shy when it comes to trying new things here with us.  Her careful nature allows her to observe others first, before jumping right in, though when it comes to playing, she's all in!  She is curious about the world around her but proceeds with a bit of caution, meaning she is rarely the trouble-maker of the bunch!

Orange Collar ~ POE

 Blue Collar ~  PADDINGTON

  The Boys...

  The Girls...

Congratulations to Jake & Kaylan!!







Congratulations to the Katz Family!

Congrats to the DellaValle Family!