A Guardian Home is a family that desires to have one of our top quality breeding doodles become part of their family while agreeing to raise, train and care for the puppy while in their home. This allows us the opportunity to continue breeding well cared for, top quality, family raised Doodles without having our home turned into a kennel. This allows the puppy to be raised in a loving family environment where they can get all the individual attention and affection each puppy deserves. We may see exceptional qualities in one or two puppies from certain litters, as not every puppy will be a good candidate for this program.

* A Guardian family gets to enjoy and welcome a choice, breeding quality dog into their home as a member of their family at a reduced rate of $1000 (for a female) / $1275 (for a male).

* A Guardian family is given monetary compensation as a 'thank you' whenever a female comes to us whelp, wean and raise her litter. ($200 for females)~ *[a male will only need to be here for the breeding]
* Guardian families do not have to incur the expense of having the puppy spayed or neutered as this will be done at our expense when breeding obligations have come to an end.
* Guardian families get to share in the excitement of being part of a wonderful program that allows us to continue to develop and expand our breeding in the right way while keeping the best interest of our dogs at the forefront of our practices.
* Guardian families work together with us in a partnership to help provide the best possible lives for our breeding dogs by allowing them to be a part of a loving family rather than in a kennel situation- as all dogs deserve true companionship and the very best lives possible!

Guardian families are an essential part of a good breeding program, especially for smaller in-home family breeders like us that cannot have more than 2 or 3 dogs living here in our home at any given time and do not wish to turn our home into a kennel.

Guardian families work together with us as partners and understand that we retain full breeding rights of the dog until it has fulfilled the breeding contract, Provided the dog has passed all necessary health tests (paid for by us, of course).
Once the dog reaches the age of sexual maturity, (at around age 2) we will then require the dog be brought to our home for mating when the dog comes into heat. This will typically be between 3 - 7 days, and then the dog goes back home to you for the remainder of her pregnancy. We will request she be returned to us again right before her litter is due and she will remain with us to whelp her litter and help raise her puppies here in our home for up to 7 weeks. Once the puppies are all weaned she may go back home again to her Guardian family.  Males will only be requested for the initial mating and may go back home again to their guardians afterwards and will not be required to meet the new adoptive families.
If a female takes well to motherhood and does well whelping and raising her litter we will choose to keep her as part of our breeding program for up to 3 litters. We will never breed a Guardian female more than three times and when her breeding time comes to an end we will then incur the expense to have her spayed. Once she is spayed she is then able to go back to her loving home that has been provided by her Guardian family and full ownership will be given to the Guardian family at that time, however, we would still love to receive pictures and updates on how she's enjoying her life as a beloved pet and companion dog!
Males will also be neutered once they have fulfilled their breeding obligations and at that time full ownership will be granted to the Guardian family.

1) Guardians must be flexible and cooperative when it comes time for breeding, and be willing to make the dog available to us when required.
2) Guardians must live within a reasonable distance from us and no more than an hour and a half away.
3) Guardians must have prior experience raising a dog as well as an understanding about how to properly socialize and train a dog. (this is extremely important for breeding as the dog must be comfortable with us when here)
4) Guardians must own their own home and have a fully fenced in yard to keep intact dogs safe and prevent an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.
5) Guardians must have a willingness to follow guidelines and recommendations set forth by us pertaining to care and feeding.
6) Guardians must agree to provide appropriate and necessary vet care for any and all non-breeding related issues when needed.
7) Guardians must be able to identify and notify us right away when a female begins her heat cycle.
8) Guardians must be willing to cooperate, coordinate and stay in good communication with us during breeding times, whelping times, and for any and all breeding related activities.
9) Guardians must be willing to allow an initial home visit by me prior to being approved for this program, to ensure we are placing the puppy in a safe and adequate environment that will be a good match for the breeding program as well as for the lifetime of the dog.

Being a guardian isn't as complicated as it may seem and is actually quite a rewarding and exciting experience. It just requires the desire to provide a loving home for an exceptional dog, and a willingness to be cooperative and flexible with us along the way.

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If you feel being a Guardian to one of our top quality breeding dogs might be something you're interested in, or if you would like more information about becoming a Guardian, please contact us and let us know.

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