Meet Hazel, our beautiful  5 year old Goldendoodle Mama! She's a Standard size Doodle and weighs 55 lbs.


With her easy going, laid back personality, she has proven to be an exceptional mother.

 Her instinctive nature and ability to nurture her puppies have truly amazed us along the way.

Playing & snuggling are her two favorite pastimes.

This lovely girl is Sadie, our incredibly intuitive, super smart, 8 year old, red Goldendoodle.

Though she's no longer part of our breeding program she's still a ball of energy enjoying daily romps with Hazel & playing fetch in our yard with any object she can find.

She's the first Doodle we ever owned & the one who cemented our love for this wonderful breed.

This Handsome devil is Outlaw Ollie, our Sire to this past & upcoming litter with Hazel.

Ollie is owned by our friend & fellow breeder, Kami, and loves his job as "The Proven Stud".

He is a very friendly, lovable boy who has sired more than ten healthy litters in his exciting career.

This "outlaw" weighs in at 52 lbs, is a purebred standard Poodle & is registered with AKC as well as ACHC.



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Meet Finley & Myrtle,

the two newest members of our family

who we are thrilled to introduce!

Read on to find out more about them...

Professor Finley Fezziwig

Finley is one of Hazel's puppies from this past Fall's litter of 10.  You might recognize him as "Huckleberry", which was his original litter name.  (after a family vote, we changed it to one more fitting for the unique gent he truly is!)

His gentle spirit & calm demeanor compliment his playful, loving nature.  And he has taken well to being the only male Doodle in our brood!

For now he is enjoying his puppy-hood along side his new "girlfriend", Myrtle, but in the future we hope this pair will be our next breeding couple!

Finley has a warm caramel coat color that is soft & wavy.  He is the perfect blend of Retriever & Poodle & has that classic, shaggy, "teddy bear" appeal.  He is also quite a vocal little guy, practicing his "Doodle speak" whenever he can.  This is a common trait among Doodles & sounds just like they are trying to talk!

   Sweet Myrtle

Myrtle is from Chicago and was born in April of 2017. We welcomed her into our family while our most recent litter was still here, so she could experience an environment just like she had with her own litter mates.  This turned out to be a great way to ease her into the transition.

Myrtle is a sweet, happy, girl who is bright, alert & always curious about the world around her.  

She has adjusted well to life with our family and has made a great first impression with our other adult Doodles, as well as with Finley who is thrilled to have a playmate to pal around with again!

Myrtle's coat is a dark shade of copper-red.  It is incredibly soft and has very little curl to it, meaning she will most likely be wavy at maturity.  She has striking features & a white patch that is just now starting to show on her chest, just like Finley has, which is a trait that will most likely be passed on to their future puppies.  She has been a fantastic addition to our family & we're very excited to watch her continue to learn & grow here with us!