Puppy Application

The following information will help us learn more about you & the type of puppy you are seeking.  This is the best way for us to help assist each family or individual with the puppy that will be most suitable to their lifestyle.

Please understand it may take up to a week for us to contact you, depending how many other applicants may have also submitted their applications at the same time.

Thank You!

 *** Because we are a small, private family breeder, we only plan for 1-3 litters each year.   This means there are times when we may have to close our puppy application process, because we simply cannot accommodate every family who contacts us for a puppy.  Because of this, we cannot review and follow up with those who choose to submit an application when we have closed it to the public, because we either have a litter here that requires around the clock care and our complete focus, -OR- we may be in between two litters, and not yet able to determine a timeline for when the next litter may be planned or available. 

Thank you.  

 * We Are Currently Accepting New Applications for A Puppy from Oakley & Finley's Litter of Double Doodles!