* All adoptive families will be allowed to visit at 6 weeks, by scheduled appointment in the order which they appear on our waiting list. This visit will be when puppy selections will be finalized, paperwork will be filled out, and the remaining balance of your puppy will be due. No families will be permitted to take their puppy home until puppy is paid in full and all paperwork has been completed & signed.

´╗┐* ´╗┐Each family will be able to come pick their new puppy up at 8 weeks. These visits will also be by appointment only and scheduled in advance.

* Due to the growing number of Parvo related illnesses in many areas, we need to limit the number of visitors we have here in our home during visits to see the puppies. Parvo is a very serious, life threatening viral disease which can wipe out an entire litter of puppies in as little as 24 hours. The parvo virus can be picked up anywhere an infected dog has been, including dog parks, vet offices, pet groomers, pet stores, and other breeders facilities. It is a hearty virus that can survive for months on hard surfaces, clothing, shoes, and in the grass. It doesn't affect humans so it would be every difficult to know if any of our visitors were carrying the virus into our home, so we need to treat everyone who comes as though it may be a potential risk. It is for these reasons that we ask any visiting families to please respect our policies set in place for the protection of the dogs and puppies we are caring for in our home.

* All visitors will be expected to remove their shoes at the door, or put on protective shoe coverings before entering.

* All visitors will be asked to wash their hands or apply Hand Sanitizer before handling any of the puppies or our adult dogs.

* Please do not come for your scheduled puppy visit after having been to any areas where an infected dog may have been, including another breeders facility, dog groomer, vet office, dog park, pet store that allows pets, or the grassy areas of a thruway rest stop, as these are all considered "high risk" places for where Parvo can be lurking and easily picked up.

* We also ask that all visitors be mindful and considerate about what they may be bringing in on their clothing as well. Freshly washed clothing is the best way to ensure you aren't carrying any "days old germs and contaminates".

* Please do not bring any other family pets to your scheduled visits, as they will not be permitted on our premises at all and will need to be left inside your car.

* Children will be asked to sit on the floor in the puppy viewing area as to avoid the potential risk of a puppy being accidentally dropped or stepped on.

We certainly understand how exciting it will be for each family to come and visit their new puppy, as well as how tempting it may be to want to include as many people as possible in that decision, however, every additional person we invite into our home raises the potential risk factor for us and our dogs, so we do need to limit the number of people we allow into our home. It is for this reason that we request only the immediate family members that reside in any given household be present for the scheduled puppy visits. We simply cannot allow every grandparent, great uncle, and next door neighbor to attend these appointments along with you, however, you are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like during your visit to share with your loved ones when you get back home.

We hope everyone understands our commitment to our dogs and the puppies that are here in our care, as maintaining the health and well-being of each one of them is something we will not compromise on.
Our policies are set in place to ensure that we are able to send each and every family home with the healthiest, happiest, family raised Doodle puppy we possibly can!

Visitation Policies & Procedures

We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration & cooperation in the above visitation policies, as it will help make each scheduled visit run more smoothly & therefore much more enjoyable for everyone involved-  & our puppies thank you too!