We are thrilled to announce Finley and Oakley's first litter together!

 We have one female still available (who we are looking to add to a Guardian Home).

 Pictures Below!


* Breeder/Guardian Homes Reserve first choice for a puppy.  


If interested in Reserving a puppy for adoption, please see our drop down Puppy Application form under our "CONTACT" page.

Please understand there may be a waiting period of 6-12 months.

Thank you!


  Oakley & Finley's Double-Doodle Litter Summer 2022 

Please see below for details

Due to the growing number of interested applicants we have been receiving, the following list is for those who would like to be considered for a puppy from the next available litter or a future litter. There is NO deposit required to be added to this list.  Once we have confirmed a successful breeding, we will then start an Official Reservation List for those who wish to move forward.  Names will be contacted in the order in which they appear on this list & added to the RESERVED PUPPIES List in the order in which deposits are received.

~ Secondary Waiting List ~  (6-12 months)

The following list for a doodle puppy can be anywhere between a 4-12 month wait.      

** Randy Abbott ~ (Guardian Puppy 2022)

 * Sarah & Stefan ~ (Future Litter 2023)

  Barbara Pierce ~ (Future Litter 2023)


*P/ Christopher Kist (future litter/chocolate male)

*P/ Dana Taylor 



    1). . . The Davis Family ~ (Ricotta)

    2). . .  Jami & Tyler ~  (Gouda)

    3). . .  Kevin & Tammy N. ~  (Cheddar)

    4). . .  The Whalen Family ~  (Stinking Bishop) 

    5). . .  Josh & Hayley ~ (Olivet Blue)

    6). . . The En Family ~ (Feta) 

    7). . . Sarah W.  ~ (Brie) 

    8). . . The Hunter Famili ~ (Pepper Jack)

    9). . . OPEN For Havarti!



      Reservation List...

     Date of Birth:      July 19

  Go Home Dates:   September 9,10,11