We are no longer accepting  applications for those wishing to join our "Interested" List

for the litter planned later this Spring, as this list is now full.


* Breeder Reserves first choice for a puppy.  


If interested in Reserving a puppy for adoption, please see our drop down Puppy Application form under our "CONTACT" page.

Please understand there is currently a waiting period of 6-18 months.

Thank you!

    ~   Pre-Waiting "CONTACT" LIST   ~

                          Spring/Summer Litter 2018

#1) . . . The Jacobs Family    ~  Canandaigua,  NY  

#2) . . .  Kellie  & Ryan Dunn   ~  Penfield, NY 

#3) . . . The  O'Hare  Family    ~  Delmar,  NY

#4) . . .  Pat  &  Emma    ~  Syracuse,  NY

#5) . . .  Megan & Jim  ~  Pittsford,  NY

#6) . . . The Radcliff Family ~  Larchmont, NY  

#7) . . .  Jordyn G.   ~   Holyoke,  MA

#8) . . . Elizabeth  DeRosa  ~  Delmar,  NY  

 * No longer Accepting Applications for this upcoming litter *

Please see below for details!

Due to the growing number of interested applicants we have been receiving, the following list is for those who would like to be considered for a puppy from the next available litter.  It is NOT an official "Waiting List" and there is no deposit required to be added to this list.  Once we have confirmed a successful breeding, we will then start an Official Waiting List for those who wish to move forward.  Names will be contacted in the order in which they appear on this list & added in the order in which deposits are received.

* Please note:  We fully anticipate some of the following individuals will opt out of moving forward- when the time comes- as there has not been a deposit required to be added to this list, & we also understand that life circumstances change from one week to the next for most people.

  For this reason, we are accepting more applicants than we may necessarily have puppies available for.  

~ Secondary Waiting List ~  (6-18 months)


 Please see below for more information about future litters.

The following list for a doodle puppy can be anywhere between a 6-18 month wait.  Please understand this may or may not be for one of Hazel & Ollie's Litters.   Once we get into 2019, we will retire Hazel from our breeding program.  At that time, Myrtle and Finley will become our next breeding pair.  

1) The Porter Family ~ Lyons, NY  ~   *(Moved from spring 2018 wait list to future litter)

2) The Katz Family ~ Staten Island, NY  ~  *(Myrtle/Finley -  litter 2019)

3) Sarah & Nick  ~  Rochester, NY   ~   *(Myrtle/Finley Litter 2019)

4) Lynda & Gil   ~  Pittsford, NY    ~    *(Myrtle/Finley Litter 2019)

5) The Short Family ~ Penfield, NY    ~ *(Myrtle/FinleyLitter 2019)

6) The En Family   ~  Victor,  NY      ~   *(Next available litter)

7) The Giardino Family ~ Rochester, NY  ~  *(2019 Litter)

8) The Flitt Family ~  Kenmore, NY    ~   *(Next available litter)

9)  Kelly & Mack ~  Syracuse, NY ~   *(Next Available litter)

10)  The Houghtalen Family ~ Penfield, NY   ~ *(2019 Litter)

11)  The Smith Family ~  Penfield, NY   ~   *(2019 Litter)

12)  The Laffey Family ~  Rochester, NY  ~ *(2019 Litter)